Sunday, March 7, 2010

5-minute meal

Around 12:30 I came home from the library with my stomach complaining and began excavating my fridge for a quick and satisfying late brunch.  Imagine my delight when I came up with this little number... mindless, delicious, and elegant.  I apologize for having consumed it too quickly to take a photo.

Brie-Salmon-Onion Sourdough Bruschetta

Coat the bottom of a pan in a thin layer of olive oil and, on stove, gently brown both sides of a large piece of thick sourdough bread.
Heat a large pad of brie cheese in the microwave about 20 seconds or until soft.
When the toast is browned, spread the brie evenly over its surface.
Add diced onions.
Top with cold, flavorful, chunky smoked salmon.
Be the envy of your roommates.

The end!