Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Too much time on my hands? Never.

Hi all!

So I had an idea, that might be fun, or might fizzle out, either way I think it is worth a shot.  I thought we could reinvent the infamous Supper Club electronically (wooweee soon no one in the world will have to actually meet in person).

So the idea goes: anytime one of our brilliant minds and competent hands create a meal, snack, drink, miscellaneous edible item, that is deemed worthy of sharing... it is then posted about on this very classy blog.  Granted, although blogs were all the rage in 2001, I'm convinced we can make anything cool.  Back to the point.  Whether you have a camera on hand and find the dish highly photogenic, or you would merely like to proudly say what you concocted for your mid-noon snack, or if you have tried a wonderfully world changing recipe that must be reproduced by the masses, you can then post it on here to be shared.

This is beneficial on many levels.

A) Father Willey and Father Freyer are filled with gourmet recipes that just need to stumble their way into their children's (and each others) hands.  I, for one, am still impatiently waiting for that risotto recipe to gracefully tuck itself into my email inbox.  Or, better yet, my bleak and lonely REAL mailbox.*

B) Perhaps, this will provide inspiration to cook more often.  AND more better.  (You heard me.)

C) I would love to hear from everyone more often... this could just provide an electronical portal of FreyerWilley's true God-Given-Gift: a bounty of bone-dry, witty sarcasm.

D) Every one of you, yes EVERY one of you, can always use a good wine or beer suggestion from reliable sources.  (I mean each other....... yeah...)

E) I love you all. (And you love me, whether you admit it or not.)

If you made it this far through my rambling, thank you.  We are spreading gradually across the country and once a year is not nearly enough time together. Similarly, I know that all of us are sickly glued to these damn computers and phones like we are waiting for our electronic letter to Hogwarts.  So it is just a skip and a jump over to this beautiful, shiny new blog.

Let me know what you think?
xx Alex.

(Sidenote: After this gem of a post, I am now looking into my perfect life career... Semi-Professional Blogger.  Sorry life long dream of Marine Biology, you've been replaced.)

*1419 Tijeras Ave.  Apt E
Albuquerque, NM 87106
(I know you all have loads of mail stacked up waiting to send to me and you just couldn't get your hands on my sneaky address...)

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    Tonight, Margaret and I threw together a roasted broccoli, red onion, and goat cheese quiche with a spinach and red pepper side salad. It was easy and tasty.

    Then we had Hershey's Kisses for dessert. Highlight of any meal.